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Couples Bucket List
Couples Bucket List
Couples Bucket List
Couples Bucket List
Couples Bucket List
Couples Bucket List
Couples Bucket List
Couples Bucket List
Couples Bucket List
Couples Bucket List

Spice up your Friday nights

Couples Bucket List: Ideas & Challenges

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Step outside your usual relationship routine and create new memories together with the help of this one-of-a-kind game for couples.

The Couples Bucket List is filled with mini challenges for couples that will have you trying new things, deepening your connection and finding your fun. So pull a card for deeper conversations, a little spice or a good belly laugh.

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  • Height: 5.9 inches
  • Length: 4.5 inches
  • Width: 2 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs
  • Cards: 100

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  • USA: 3-5 days
  • Canada: 3-5 days
  • World: 10-25 days

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Couple's Bucket List

Well, Here’s how it works!

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7

Grab your partner.

Turn on some music, have a quick ABBA dance party. Good, now that that’s out of the way...

Get out The Couple’s Bucket List!

Choose a couples activity that matches your mood and follow the instructions on the card.

Our cards are divided into 3 categories:
Life, Love, and Laughter.

Plan an adventure, have an intimate conversation, or laugh until you pee a little!

Fall a little deeper in love. Awww!


Inspiring Stories from our Customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Couples Bucket List is make a good gift for others?

Yes! These couples activities cards are great as anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and even as little pick me ups for those in need of some couple bonding ideas. This game for couples is the perfect gift for those people in your life who are over Netflix nights and need a lil’ adventure in their life. The box is filled with couples activities which makes this great for bridal shower and wedding gifts for those just starting their journey together!

Also, there’s lots of couple bonding activities that make this a great Valentine’s Day gift too (wink).

How will I know if this couples date ideas deck is right for me?

If you like to try new and interesting couples activities with your partner, this is probably for you. Because at the end of the day, this is a relationship game for couples that can last a lifetime.

The couples bucket list is perfect for those who are looking for..

  • Couple bonding challenges that will help you slow down, reconnect and build real intimacy.
  • Fresh couple date ideas and to spice up Friday nights *eyebrows eyebrows*
  • Inspiration for cool challenges for couples that will have you dancin’ in the kitchen, laughing until you pee a little and really connecting with your partner. You’ll love this fun couple bonding game if you’re looking for a little adventure in your life.
What kind of relationship activities for couples can you find in The Couples Bucket List?

This relationship game for couples is filled to the brim with couples date ideas. When you open the box, you’ll find three categories: Life, Love and Laughter. So whether you’re looking to get your finances in order, kiss in the rain, recreate your first date or build a pillow fort - there is something for everyone!

If you’re looking for challenges for couples, then these couple date idea cards will give you something to do no matter what mood you’re in. So if you’re looking for couple bonding activities that will get you talking, get you out of the house or bring out the spiciness; we’ve got your back!

These relationship cards for couples will be perfect for you!

Would this make a fun couple bonding game?

These relationship cards for couples are a great way to try something fun and engaging with your couple. Each couple's date idea is a way to step outside of the usual routine and do something fresh and new! You’ll be shocked by how many couple bonding ideas you haven’t tried yet!

You can look at each card as a challenge for couples. Some will be easy and some will take some time. You’ll love exploring each relationship activity for couples and checking off each thing as you do them. We’ve even given you dividers inside the box to organize which couple bonding ideas you plan to do, which ones you’re working on and which ones you’ve completed!

What retail stores can I find The Couple's Bucket List in?

Right now you can only find The Couple’s Bucket List game for couples on this website, The Bay Online, and UncommonGoods Amazon & Uncommon Goods, but we hope to be in retail stores near you soon!

If you’d like to see The Couple’s Bucket list, our card deck filled with relationship activities for couples, at your retail establishment, please feel free to contact us via the Contact link in the footer.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders for your couples activities box?

Yes! Some of our customers like to buy our couples date ideas boxes in bulk. Whether it’s for Christmas Gifts, Bridesmaid thank you gifts, or you’re a therapist or coach looking for fun relationship games for couples.

Our relationship cards for couples can be discounted depending on how many you purchase:

  • For 5+ Boxes - Save 20% off.
  • For 10+ Boxes - Save 30%.

These will be applied automatically at checkout.

Some words from people who took the plunge..

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