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The Bucket List Collections

Our mission is to help everyday people live their best life. We make products that help people have more meaningful conversations, create new memories with loved ones and learn new ways to connect with others.

Get to know yourself and the ones you love with unique, fun-filled activities inside Flowjo's Bucket List card decks.

Learn more about the bucket list boxes

Let your soul flow.

Each card deck is filled with unique, fun activities that you can do with yourself or the ones you love. The perfect way to jump start and infuse adventure into any day!

Flowjo Bucket List Card Image
Flowjo Bucket List Card Image
Flowjo Bucket List Card Image
Flowjo Bucket List Card Image

The Self Care Bucket List

Heal grow, and laugh a lot with these 100 prompts that help to make self-care a daily priority.

The Couple’s Bucket List

Add a new spark to your relationship with the help of these clever cards.

The Dad's Bucket List

Make legendary dad memories with your kids with these mini challenges.

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Each box is filled with 100 fun, unique and memorable challenges. From self-care moments, to fun family activities to romantic nights, these card decks make a perfect gift for couples, dads, moms and friends.

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