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A simple but great way to bring some fun to your relationship. The cards are a very high quality with various categories of activities you and your loved one can do. Some ideas include carving your initials in a tree together or adopting an animal together. There are other ways to spice things up a bit too! While a simple concept, totally a worthwhile product that can work wonders in your relationship.


I love the couple's bucket list! It came in packaged really well, and higher quality than I thought. At first I was just buying it for myself because I wanted some date ideas for me and my boyfriend but then I realized it's the perfect gift for the weddings and showers I have this summer!


Very cute! I really like the romantic idea cards. These are super cute and great quality.

Terry Adamo

This product is amazing in that it helps me to remember to take care of me. To live life, have fun and laugh, and love more.I am already feeling better!

Kelly Jones

I love this! After surviving cancer trying to figuring out what “the new me” truly means, I’ve really enjoyed using #FlowJo’s bucket list. Simple activities that help me connect with myself recharge my soul. I love everything about this! Great packaging to hold even better content!

  • Couples Bucket List

    Step outside your usual relationship routine and create new memories together with the help of this one-of-a-kind game for couples.

  • Self Care Bucket List

    Inside this self care ideas box, you’ll find simple and powerful ways to practice the kind of self love that goes deeper than a bubble bath, because that just isn’t working anymore.

  • The Dad's Bucket List

    There’s no better feeling as a dad than when your kids look at you like you’re their hero. Whether you’re explaining why the sky is blue, teaching them how to deal with bullies, or laughing so hard they snort a little. Inside this dad box, you'll have 100 ways to learn together, deepen the connection to your child and create legendary dad memories they’ll never forget.


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