Live Life...
On Purpose

For as long as I can remember I have tried to be a better version of myself. Get the right job, find the right place to live, be the productive, good looking, funny, entrepreneur that does everything right and still manages to find time to bake banana bread.

And while I have checked off those boxes (never all at once of course..) I’ve realized that this heads down, get ‘er done mindset have wasted a lot of years of my life.

I didn’t waste years trying to better myself. Instead I kept telling myself “I will be happy when I better myself in x way”.

What I did manage to do is lose the time I could have spent having fun with friends or with my partner. Spending time with family or just having those incredible moments or creative moments you have when you don’t have every aspect of your life planned out or when you’re *gasp* bored.

You know, when you’re living in the moment.

The first bucket list I created was for me. I was sitting on a beach thinking about all the things I wanted to “accomplish” when I realized, that wasn’t as important as it used to be.

The list wasn’t about skydiving and visiting x countries, it was a list of little, small moments that could happen anywhere at anytime. It was meant as a starting point: a way for me to get back to the flow of nature, connecting with the people around me and myself, instead of to Wi-Fi.

It was about using my heart to guide my next moment, instead of my brain.

Flowjo isn’t just about following a card, it isn’t just about finishing a box - It is a decision we make to get more out of the life we have right now. To focus on the present moment. It’s about re-grounding ourselves, loving the skin we're in, and enjoying every second we are allowed on this beautiful earth.

When you buy a Flowjo box, you’re not just buying a card deck, you’re taking a stance against the world so focussed on self improvement that we’ve lost ourselves in the process.

You’re taking a step, in the midst of all this chaos, to feel a little deeper, love a little harder, and connect to people and the world around us in ways you’ve never done before.

Tiffany DaSilva
Founder, Flowjo