3 times in your life it’s OK to QUIT!

3 times in your life it’s OK to QUIT!

Hello! Who wants to throw their hands up in the air and just QUIT today?

Just throw in the towel, say: “No thank you” to society, pack up and live in a small cabin in the woods? Grow crops. Start a cute blog. Have a goat, or multiple goats…

I can’t be the only one.

OK, in seriousness, for EVERYONE who has just plain worked their butt off for something, it is fine to quit sometimes.

No, I’m not telling you to just quit your job, but I am telling you that there are times in your life where quitting may be better than pushing through.

Too often we’re fed the rhetoric that you need to see through everything, keep on keepin’ on, even if it’s detrimental to us. So here are three times in your life when it’s A-OK to walk away.

Quit Toxic Relationship Patterns

I think any adult must learn the importance of managing relationship expectations.

Many of us give a lot and expect little in return. Many of us forgive people because “we’ve been there,” or “everyone is flawed.” Heck, some of us have been toxic people acting out and hurting others.

If you start seeing these patterns in your life, it’s time to QUIT. 

According to mentalhealth.org, if you’re in a relationship that causes you to feel not good enough, like you can’t be yourself, afraid, or where you're being put down, you may be in a harmful (or toxic) relationship. And this relationship can be ANY relationship. Familial, romantic, or even friendship. 

Every circumstance is different and requires tenderness and tact. But if you can, it’s time to start setting boundaries, holding people accountable and being comfortable letting go of relationships or elements of them that harm you. 

Seek out mental health resources if you can, of course.

Quit Obligations that DO NOT serve you

I volunteer, I have two side hustles and a full-time job. It’s hard, but I love it. But I’ve also taken on extra projects that have done nothing but suck me dry.

OF COURSE – this is an extreme scenario. I believe 100 per cent in following through on promises and projects. However, if you’re in a situation where your time, effort, and passion are not only not being respected or compensated, it’s OK to walk away.

People get upset and feelings are hurt, but you save your mental energy doing so.

I’m not suggesting you burn all your bridges, but don’t leap across water because the bridge you’re crossing is broken.

Quit Bad Habits


This was hard because as a creature of comfort myself, I am guilty of leaning on self-isolating and avoidant behaviors when things get tough. It’s something I’m working on, but it isn’t easy. If you rely too hard on bad habits, you’ll remain in a dependent cycle that will never address the true problem.

You don’t have to quit everything at once but taking a reduction strategy on bad habits is a gentle way to begin expanding your coping skills. There are a lot of resources out there that can help you, too!

Like Flowjo’s Self-Care Bucket List.

I couldn’t rave about it more, but the Self Care Bucket List has easy, fun, and creative ways to innovate your self-care routine in a meaningful way. If you want to start living a better life (or get a sick gift for a friend), buy it NOW!

I hope this guide to quitting made you feel better. You got this.

With peace and love,



Jackie Graves

Jackie Graves is a digital media storyteller with a passion for mental health and wellbeing, great food, and people’s individual stories. Her greatest hope in life is to connect with people through her writing in a way that not only informs but impacts them in a positive way. While she might laugh at her own jokes, she takes her craft very seriously and is driven to produce the best writing possible.

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