Cooking Up Fun: 3 Cute Meals For Your Next Stay-At-Home Date

Cooking Up Fun: 3 Cute Meals For Your Next Stay-At-Home Date

Looking for a fun (and conveniently budget-friendly) way of celebrating your next indoor date night with your partner?

I've got you covered with a full 3-course menu of meals for the whole day when neither of you has to go into work! They're all vegan and gluten-free!

Not only that, but you'll likely have leftovers with these recipes, so it'll also be a load off your mind as you enjoy playing with your food while simultaneously meal-prepping for the next few days!

So, without further ado, here goes my personal (and successfully tested) recommendations based on my experiences with my wonderful partner:

~~ #1 ~~ Breakfast - PANCAKES

What You'll Need:

~Large flake oats
~1-2 bananas
~Milk (oat, almond, soy, etc.)
~Magic baking powder


~Maple syrup
~Freshly washed and cut strawberries
~Powdered sugar

This recipe is perfect for when you don't want to follow strict quantities of ingredients. Listen to your gut (and feed it) by just going with the flow here.
Maybe a cup of oats will do; maybe two is better. Maybe a splash of milk is just fine, or maybe half the carton. Throw in a banana, or two. Add a pinch of magic baking powder.
Blend it all together and fry the blobs of pancake mixture on an oil-covered pan until each side is golden-brown and preferably not too runny nor burnt.
This recipe is a little chaotic, but you both can have a lot of fun as you get your hands dirty. Maybe also listen to some lo-fi in the background.
Spice up your meal even more by drowning your pancakes in maple syrup and, if you're feeling fancy, wash and slice up some strawberries. 
Top them off with a pinch of powdered sugar for that extra bit of aesthetic.

~~ #2 ~~ Lunch - SUSHI

What You'll Need:

~A package of nori (dried edible seaweed)
~A cup of sushi rice
~Rice vinegar
~Maple syrup
~Your choice of what you want inside (I personally love avocados, cucumbers, boiled sweet potatoes, sometimes carrots, and definitely cooked/fried tofu)
~A bowl of water

Wash a cup of sushi rice, place it in a pot, and add double the amount of water as there is rice.
Cook the rice over high heat; wait until the water begins to boil, then cover the pot with a lid and continue cooking over a lower heat for about 10-15 minutes.
Prepare other ingredients while you wait.
Set aside the rice to cool.
Mix in however much maple syrup and rice vinegar you like until you get a nice ratio of each in a flavor you enjoy.
Place a sheet of nori on a clean countertop and scoop a spoonful or two of rice on top.
Wet your fingers in a bowl of water and use them to flatten the rice to cover the sheet; leave a thin horizontal section without rice at the top of the sheet.
Carefully arrange the rest of the ingredients into strips in the center of the nori.
Roll the nori over the ingredients and continue rolling away from you.
Add some water to the untouched part of the nori and tightly wrap up the sushi roll. Repeat as needed.

~~ #3 ~~ Dinner - Eggplant Tofu Noodles

What You'll Need:

~A package of buckwheat noodles
~A block of tofu
~1 eggplant


~Garlic oil
~Corn starch
~1 tbsp. of soy sauce
~2 tbsps. of oyster sauce
~4 tbsps. of water

Cook the buckwheat noodles in a similar manner to the rice mentioned above.
Cut up the block of tofu into smaller cubes and fry them on an oil-covered pan with the option of first coating each side of the cubes in corn starch for a more crispy outside.
Cut up the eggplant into rounds and fry them on an oil-covered pan with the tofu.
Throw in the noodles onto the pan when they're done cooking.
Mix it all up.
Add in the soy sauce, oyster sauce, and water recommendations if you'd like to add more flavor.

Looking for more self care tips to top off your special night after all that food?

Check out this couples game for a wealth of ideas and activities to engage in after you've enjoyed preparing your cute meals.
Daria :)
Photo by Shared Food from Burst

Daria Toptygina


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