Feeding the Inner Child: How to Find Joy in the Little Things

Feeding the Inner Child: How to Find Joy in the Little Things

Like any other adult, I do the typical things like run errands – grocery shopping for example.

It’s a mundane task to most, something that would be easily lost in their memory. However, there would always be a bubble of giddiness in my stomach when I’d see all of the neat things the store had to offer. 

Whether it was the candies at the checkout, a new flavour of bagels on the shelves, or the fun-shaped cereal on sale. 

I realized the reason I felt so happy seeing all these things was because we couldn’t afford small luxuries like that when I was young.

Now, as an adult with her own money, I could realistically have all these things.

But do I always buy every little treat I want?


We have to factor in budget, diet, and just the overall NEED for these things. 

Appreciating the small things

That was until one day, at the check-out, I saw a shark candy dispenser with a button that made it snap its jaws.

Little Jackie would have lost her mind.

I looked at my groceries, then at my boyfriend with hopeful eyes. I asked if I could get it, and although he was hesitant, he agreed.

I would have got it even if he didn’t.

I bought it, and the sheer joy I felt in that moment is something I won’t soon forget. It’s silly to think about, but there’s something to be said about feeding your inner child.  

What does it mean to feed the inner child? 

Feeding your inner child is one way to describe an element of “reparenting.”

Reparenting is a practice usually used in situations where an individual is trying to heal past hurts experienced in childhood.

However, many use the practice just for overall wellbeing. 

According to healthline.com, everyone has an “inner child,” a collection of developmental stages you’ve passed through. A youthful consciousness representing playfulness and dreams. 

Feeding your inner child allows you to partake in the things that brought you joy and comfort as a when you were young.

Whether it’s picking up an old sport you used to love, re-learning an instrument you once played, or going to that theme part you never got to see. 

What are the benefits of Reparenting?

The purpose?

Well, that’s up to you. Perhaps it’s a form of healing from an imperfect childhood, or, if you’re like me, you do these small things just to enrich your life.

After all, many of us get wrapped up in what it means to be a responsible adult. We dedicate ourselves to our work, our families, our prospective futures.

Often, we forget that there’s more to life than just “adulting” all the time. 

There are other ways you can indulge your inner wellbeing though, such as Flowjo’s Self-Care Bucket List.

The Self-Care Bucket List has 100 fun mindfulness and self-care activities that go deeper than just a bubble bath. Stop feeling burnt out and begin living a life overflowing with happiness by checking it out today. 

You can still be a well-rounded, successful adult who enjoys childish things every once in a while.

Just to keep your spirit light and young. 

If that means getting a shark candy dispenser and chasing your boyfriend around the apartment with it, so be it.

If it’s for your spiritual wellbeing, it’s well worth it! 

With peace and love,


Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

Jackie Graves

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