How Rosewater Changed my Skin (and Skincare Routine) for the Better

How Rosewater Changed my Skin (and Skincare Routine) for the Better

I was 15 years old; it was summertime, and I was hanging around outside with a few of my friends and my boyfriend at the time. Someone had pointed to the noticeable red splotch on my chest and said, “Is that a hickey?!” I rolled my eyes and responded, “no it’s psoriasis**”, as I had already done a million times before.

He then turned to my boyfriend and said, “nice to meet you, you must be psoriasis!”

Everyone laughed.

At the moment, I found it funny too, but sometimes it really wasn’t. Yes, there were some friends who could make jokes like that which would roll right off my shoulder, but I also had to deal with inappropriate comments like “why don’t you cover that up…are all your shirts slutty?” as well as constant judgmental glares.

The unfortunate placement of my psoriasis made me feel so uncomfortable, anytime I wasn’t pretty much wearing a turtleneck.

Since then, it has been 8 years and although my psoriasis has recently decided to make the comeback of a lifetime, 2 major things have changed:

  1. I stopped giving a sh*t about people who are going to judge me for something that clearly looks like a flipping skin rash (Like seriously, if you have a hickey that looks like that, something is wrong)  
  2. I learned about the magic of rose water

Now the first step is something that naturally happened the more confident I became and the older I got. I realized that I can’t control what people are going to think or do, but I can control how I let it affect me . . . but this is a topic for another time.

What I am really here to enlighten you with is the magical transforming wizardry powers of rose water.  Yes, there are medications and treatments that you can buy for your psoriasis, but before taking that route I do encourage you to try this cheaper and more natural option (which also poses many other benefits). If you struggle with psoriasis in one or maybe two spots like me, this might do the trick.   

Flashback to my second year of university: I was discussing my psoriasis (for whatever reason) when one of my friends exclaimed “OMG Kim Kardashian has that too!!! She swears by rose water” (and no I am not ashamed to admit that this is how I learned about this).

So, I tried it. It worked like a charm. What you have to do is super simple. Go to the grocery store and buy yourself some straight-up rose water for $2.99. Do not waste an extra $10-$15 shopping for rose water made by big skincare companies. Next, make a stop at your local dollar store for a little spray bottle, or find an old one lying around at home, in which you will put the rosewater. And voila! Your magical mist has been created. I like to spray my psoriasis when I am doing my skincare routine, once or twice before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning. The first time I did this every day, I started to notice the redness on my skin slowly dissipating, day by day until one day, it was completely gone altogether. It does flare up from time to time, but when it disappears, I go months, or even a few years before seeing it again. When I do, I grab my trusty old rose water and spray for a few days before it’s gone again for a long period of time.

(Sayonara, sucka!)

I also want to point out that this was the beginning of my religious use of rose water on my face every day. It is a crucial part of my skincare routine that I never leave out. If it can make my skin condition disappear just like that, imagine all the wonders it could do for my skin in the long haul.

According to an article on Healthline, spritzing some rosewater can have multifunctional benefits. The low PH levels found in rose water (5.5, to be exact), help reset the natural balance of your skin, which is why it can also be used as a toner. On top of that, it also helps with congestion, anxiety, and fatigue, as highlighted by Healthline.

Now, before I let you go, I need to put out this disclaimer. Rosewater may be an amazing tool for your skincare routine or skin condition. But if you are looking for a preventative method that stops your condition from flaring up in the first place, the answer is not just rose water. Something I have learned is that my lifestyle and stress levels SIGNIFICANTLY impact my skin and typically dictate whether my psoriasis will flare up again. Yes, it does help with anxiety and fatigue, but there are a variety of other things you can implement in your life to mitigate your stress and anxiety levels. Now, if you are wondering where to even begin with this, I highly recommend flowjo’s Self Care Bucket List. It offers 100 different ways that you can put yourself first, broken up into the following categories: Life, Love, and Laughter.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

P.S. If you do in fact have a hickey, I am sorry to inform you that I don’t think the powers of rose water extend that far.


Imaan W

**Psoriasis is a condition that can cause dry or red patches on the skin


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