How To Fix Bad Bad Habits: Start Small and Go for the Long Haul!

How To Fix Bad Bad Habits: Start Small and Go for the Long Haul!

Is anyone else crazy talented at forming bad habits? Is it just me? Surely it can’t just be me. 

I think it’s safe to assume that a whole bunch of us fall into this bad habits category. And by no means does that make us bad people, it just means we’ve got some work to do, baby!

Don’t worry, though! I’m not about to try and sell you on a magic plan or guide that’s going to transform your life – I’ve left my snake oil at home today, thank you very much. 

I just don’t buy into life-changing programs. For some people, they can definitely work. But I don’t think we should jumpstart making changes in our lives by first throwing money at the issue. 

I’m a firm believer that change doesn’t need to be drastic. 

How to Fix Bad Habits: Make Small Changes. 

Make small changes. Make manageable changes. Our old childhood pal, Mr. Tortoise, said it best: slow and steady wins the race.

Be patient with yourself and don’t expect immediate results. Good habits take time and effort to form, so be patient and stay consistent. 

Fitness Habits That Work.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re wanting to exercise more and bring more movement into your day. Before you download and pay for a fitness app or commit to “30 days of yoga”, stop and think about what YOU like to do. 

Are you really going to stick to something if you don’t like it and you dread it? Hmm????? That’s what I thought. 

Personally, I love to dance around. Some days I’ve told myself I’ll go to the gym, but instead I put some Zumba videos on YouTube and dance around the living room (how very 2010s of me.)

Is this what fitness influencers are telling us to do on social media? Does dancing alone to Zumba in your house look very cool? Nope! BUT IT’S FUN. 

Don’t feel like your fitness journey or exercise goal needs to fit a popular mold. If you dance around your house for 30 minutes, or go for a few walks during the week, these are still positive changes and will help you form a positive habit that will STICK. 

Eating Habits You Can Live With. 

The same goes for forming healthier eating habits. I’m no nutrition expert, but here’s what's worked for me when I’ve focused on eating better: add to your diet, don’t take away from your diet. 

Do you want to eat more veggies? Well, here’s a novel idea for you: eat more veggies, damnit!

Indeed, you can get veggies into your diet without cutting out all the foods we like to deem “bad.” Make a small change you’ll stick to and that will actually last. 

Do you think it’s more likely that you'll eat healthier if you start adding healthier options into your diet, while also still enjoying your favourite treats? Or, do you think only eating healthy options and cutting the rest will be a sustainable practice? 

I think we both know the answer here!

And this goes for all aspects of life – it’s not just within the realm of health and fitness. Just like the title of this article says:

Start small and Go for the long haul. 

Committing to small changes will help you form the habits you’re working toward. Life doesn’t need to be full speed ahead all the time.

Building healthy habits takes time, and that’s perfectly fine. Don’t set yourself up for failure by choosing drastic measures over sustainable measures.

Making small changes IS self care.

And if you’re looking for more self care ideas, check out the Self Care Bucket List! It’ll help you slow down and view self care more simply.  

So, embrace your inner tortoise and enjoy the ride – slow and steady, baby, slow and steady!



Photo by Cliff Booth

Sarah Welsh

I’m a Canadian freelance writer, with my main focus being content writing and creative writing. Though currently based in the U.K., I’m a big lover of writing from beachy locales and backpacking whenever I can. I’ve always got to have music on, and dancing while I write is what I’m all about. If you’re a fan of the little things in life and infusing humour wherever you can, we’ll get along just fine.

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