How to get out of writer’s block

How to get out of writer’s block

Writer’s block. Creative block. Loss of motivation. These are things we creatives experience in one way or another. I can’t tell you the number of times I found myself endlessly staring at my computer screen trying to think of something interesting to write.

But no matter how many circles I do around my room, it fails to come to me. So you might be wondering, how the hell did you write this article if you suffer from creative block? Well, let me guide you. The best way, in my opinion, to get out of any rut, is to take a break.

I know what you’re thinking. Take a break from what, exactly?

You haven’t even started what you want to do because you lack motivation. What do you need a break for? I’m telling you, your brain does need a break.

Physical illness, depression, pressure, and/or feelings of failure are all major culprits that cause writer’s block.

The Self-Care Writer’s Block Cure

Take a walk

Sitting down and forcing your brain to generate ideas will only do you a disservice.

That’s why you gotta take a walk. Or, whatever it is that you like to do.

Every creative has a specific activity they do that helps generate ideas. (If you know, you know). If you don’t know, maybe you just haven’t figured out what that activity is.

For me, it's most definitely walks.

I put on Emma Chamberlain’s podcast, or happy music, and go for a walk in nature. Go in the morning and skip the sunscreen (I know, bold statement, but natural vitamin D helps with stress, anxiety, and depression). It doesn’t even have to be nature. It can be anything: the gym, running errands, or cleaning.

Look and listen to your surroundings. Let your mind wander. Write down anything that comes to mind; you might find these thoughts intriguing or interesting at a later time.

Enhance your workspace

Nothing makes me more uninspired than an aesthetically unappealing workspace. Negative surroundings can affect your creativity, so it's time to spruce up your office.

Get some plants, candles, cute office accessories, hell, redesign your entire workspace if it means you’ll be in a better mood. When my dad started working from home during the pandemic, he told me he was going stir-crazy.

Looking at the same four walls every day sure didn’t help. So, I helped him spruce up his office.

New decor, new wall art, plants, and even new music helped him go from 0-100 faster than I can blink.

Take a self-care night (or week…)

This is the ultimate solution. If the first two methods didn’t work, maybe your brain just needs some extra time off. It’s okay to start tomorrow.

Have a warm bubble bath, order some food, drink some wine, do a face mask, and unwind with your favourite Netflix sitcom.

(If you need more self-care tips, check out our Self Care Bucket List)

Letting your body physically and mentally relax is one of the best ways to get your brain up and running the next day.

So, next time you’re about to give up hope on your next big creative project, try out these methods first and watch as the creativity spills onto your lap.

Creative block who? Never heard of her.

Natalie Lyczek

23-year-old freelancer and content creator from the GTA.

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