Love Languages and What They Can Do For Your Relationship

Love Languages and What They Can Do For Your Relationship

There’s a good chance you and your spouse don’t know what your love languages are and they may be the same, but chances are they are different. Having different love languages is not a bad thing, it can be a great thing if you know how to appease each other's love language, support them, and utilize them every day in your relationship.

What Are the Five Love Languages?

Words of affirmation: If this is your primary love language, you are someone who enjoys getting complimented, whether written or spoken. If you want to make your partner’s day bright, a simple text message telling them how much you appreciate them, or how proud you are of them, will do it.

Quality time: If this is your primary love language you crave affection through your partner's undivided attention. Making an effort to spend uninterrupted time with your partner is the way to feed this love language.

Physical touch: If this is your love language then you want to receive a physical touch from your partner to feel fulfilled. This could be a warm embrace, cuddling on the couch all night, or a gentle massage, after a long day.

Acts of service: If this is your primary love language, you enjoy it when your spouse takes it upon themselves to complete tasks or chores to help you out. If you want to appease your partner, simply offering to prepare dinner or doing the dishes will suffice.

Receiving gifts: If this is your primary love language, you not only enjoy receiving gifts, but the effort that went into choosing the perfect gift is meaningful. Maybe you were shopping with your spouse one day and remembered them mentioning how much they liked something they saw in a shop, you remembered, and purchased it later, gifting it to them at the perfect moment.

Knowing which love language best describes your partner is like having a secret weapon in your arsenal. When you find out what your partner's love language is, along with yours, you can learn to work with that and build your relationship to become stronger.

How to Use Love Languages to Build a Stronger Relationship? 

Because we all receive and show love differently, being able to dissect that a bit more and understand better what we want from our partners and what they desire from us can be beneficial.

Learning what your partner’s love language is and taking advantage of it shows that you desire to put your spouse first. You are practising your communication skills much more by using the love languages as tools. You are focusing on their needs ahead of your own, which is one of the most selfless things you can do in a loving and committed relationship. You are showing more empathy for one another while working on personal growth and becoming more intimate in more creative and meaningful ways.

Flowjo's couples game is a great way to practise the love languages. Get your Couples Bucket List Box today and start to rekindle that love while utilizing those love languages to boost your relationship. It falls perfectly into the category of receiving gifts when you buy the box for your partner, of course, quality time is utilized while you use the box together, and the activities on the cards will promote many other love languages for you and your partner.

Relationships are not always easy and you are not alone in that. To keep them healthy and rejuvenated takes time and sometimes it’s a struggle. Relationships are developed through attention and effort. Learning and using the love languages is a wonderful way to enhance the relationship you already have.

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