May is Mental Health Awareness Month - Is Your Mental Health Top of Mind?

May is Mental Health Awareness Month - Is Your Mental Health Top of Mind?

What Can You Do to Strengthen Your Mental Health? Here are Five Tips to Keep Your Mental Health Strong.

How do you feel when you have a cold or the flu? Sometimes we can even tell if a bug or cold is starting to come on. We might take some echinacea or other remedies to fight it off, or try to get ahead of it with medicine. Taking care of our bodies physically is important to most people. What about our mental health? Why don't we focus more on the importance of our mental health just as much as our physical health? It feels like we are so busy with our day-to-day that sometimes we forget about how important our mental health can be. 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so what better time to remind you to think of yourself? There are more tricks and tools you have within yourself than you even know. Here are five important tips to keep your mental health on the right track:

1. Track your gratitudes or let out your anger and frustrations

Add sticky notes to your next grocery list. This is a good way to track your gratitude, by writing them down on sticky notes and placing them anywhere you’re going to see them, including the bathroom mirror or your car. Seeing visually, on paper what you are grateful for every day, and reminding yourself of the more positive points in your life will give you a more positive overall outlook. 

Use a journal to write down anything that might have set you off that day or put you in a particularly foul mood. You will feel much better getting it out on paper than keeping it bottled up inside, with the potential to explode at any time. 

2. Work with your strengths

    Stop focusing on your weaknesses so much and develop a better opinion of yourself. Take a moment out of your busy schedule to make a list of your known strengths. Reading over them will give you a boost of confidence because there are lots of things you are good at, you know that. 

    3. Develop healthy relationships and maintain them

      This involves making time for the people in your life that matter and giving more of your time to the people who give you positive vibes. Make sure you always feel comfortable speaking your mind. That is one sure way to know you are in a healthy relationship. All relationships take time and effort but it’s because they are worth it. 

      4. Treat yourself

      What makes you happy? A chocolate sundae or a trip to the spa? What relieves your daily stresses? Even just taking time to get away from it all and be alone with your thoughts. It can give you that mental reset that you might just need. 

      The Self Care Bucket List by Flowjo

      In the self care ideas box, you’ll find simple and powerful ways to practice the kind of self love that goes deeper than a bubble bath, because that just isn’t working anymore.

      The more you put these tools into practice, the stronger your mental health will get and there are endless benefits to your overall well-being. You have less stress and feel healthier and stronger overall mentally and physically, with a strong overall self image. The relationships you have that are important to you are going to excel and the people around you will notice your positive attitude and that will reflect back on them. 

      Kari Jean

      Kari is a busy mom of two but loves her freelance gigs. Residing in beautiful B.C., she writes everything from content, to ebooks, to blogs from home.

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