Morning Triple Shot: How to Start Your Day Right

Morning Triple Shot: How to Start Your Day Right

Knee-deep in the busyness of life, parents are long on tasks and short on time. As a result, our health and exercise are the easiest balls to drop.

Except, don’t do it.

We need to remain strong and vibrant for the most important people in our life, the ones who can’t wait for their next adventure with us. 

In order to thrive health-wise, we go small. Because it is those small and disciplined daily actions that keep us on track, moving toward good health.

To that end, my morning triple shot is now grooved into my routine. 

Right when I get up, dark outside and blurry eyed, I mix the triple shot: fresh squeezed lemon, a shake of cayenne, and a scoop of greens powder, topped off with warm water.

Gross, right? Surprisingly no.

Strangely enough, the tartness of the lemon and the cayenne spice compliment one another, while the greens, depending on the brand, add some umami smoothness to the experience. 

Laird Hamilton got me onto lemons, touting their benefits in a Men’s Health article.

Good enough for Laird, then good enough for me.

First: Lemons 

Lemons are outstanding. For starters, they contain nearly ⅓ of our daily Vitamin C requirements, which has been shown to boost our immune response to infection. Further, they produce abundant amounts of citric acid. Once it does the body chemistry thing, citric acid helps our bodies to, among other things, absorb nutrients more efficiently and reduce toxicities in the urine, keeping unpleasant occurrences like kidney stones at bay.

Second: Capsaicin (Cayenne Pepper)

Capsaicin, the active ingredient in cayenne, brings the spice. Even though its ‘heat’ suggests the opposite effect, people have used capsaicin to calm inflammation for centuries. Some studies even indicate that it may scrape away the plaque from our blood vessels, boosting cardiovascular output as a result. 

Last but not least: Greens Power

Driven to optimize the frenetic mornings in my house, I finally added greens powder to the mix, a one drink instead of two, type thing. After tasting it, I thought—dude, this is genius. Try to find a greens powder that blends well, and one made with organic ingredients, free of fillers and flavor additives. 

Let’s be honest, getting all the daily greens you need is a tall task for anyone, which is why powdered greens are such an easy way to do it. Each serving, roughly a teaspoon, packs in 6 servings of veggies—a nutritional wallop. And based on my rudimentary math skills, a large container could boast a three month supply. For the frugal consumer like myself, some say cheap, that’s just good value. 

Green powder is amazing. Take it. Enough said.

There you have it, my morning triple shot: fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and greens. Yet before drinking it, I always pause, the taste does leave an impression after all.

You doing this?’ I ask.

Hell, yes. Because once I do, I’m primed and ready for the day.

Dustin Dickout

Freelance Writer

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