Putting Yourself First: 6 Self Date Ideas

Putting Yourself First: 6 Self Date Ideas

“If only I had someone to do this with.”

It’s a common thought and it’s an attitude that a lot of us are guilty of buying into. This idea that good times are reserved for couples, best friends, and groups in general.

That new restaurant you’ve been eyeing? You need a date for that. The new movie you’ve been wanting to see? Yep, you definitely need a date for that, too. 

Here’s the thing though: you already have a date. You have YOU. It sounds cheesy as hell, but learning to love spending time on your own is so empowering. 

Date yourself!

Stop waiting around for calendars to line up, for someone to share your interests, or for that perfect romantic moment. Create your own kick a$$ moments! Create your own opportunities and start doing the sh*t you want to be doing. 

For my first ever self date, I went to an artsy-type cinema. I felt hella awkward saying I only needed one ticket, and choosing where to sit felt very intimidating. It was also exciting though! I felt like I’d unlocked a new skill and I was proud of myself while watching that wonderfully odd movie. 

I finished out the week with a solo museum trip, a few solo lunches, and by taking a blanket and a book to the park to read. I mean, if there was ever a time to create a movie montage moment about a girl discovering herself, this had to fit the bill, right?!

And while venturing out on these solo activities can still be a little daunting, it’s wildly worth it. Here are some ideas for awesome dates you can take yourself on:

1. The Coffee Date

This one is a great way to get started and ease your way into feeling comfortable doing things alone. You won’t feel like you stick out like a sore thumb since coffee shops already have loads of solo patrons. Bring your laptop, bring a book, or people watch - you’ve got this! 

2. Take a Class

Learn or practice a skill that YOU want to do. No compromises or accommodating your friends and partner’s interests. A cooking class? Unleash your inner Gordon Ramsay! A painting class? I always knew you were the next Picasso! Maybe even a twerking class?! (I’ll join you for this last one!)

3. Wine and Dine Yourself

This is probably the most intimidating date for people to do solo, as it’s seen as the classic date night activity. Seeing someone dining alone? GASP! The horror! All jokes aside though, it’s FUN. 
Picture this: me taking myself out for dinner, sitting at a centre table on a back garden patio surrounded by couples at romantic candlelit tables as a live band plays classical guitar. This was my first time dining out alone, and while it’s not my top recommendation when getting started with the whole solo dining thing, I found it hilarious and I'll never forget those delicious duck spring rolls. For your first time solo dining, I recommend daylight hours and going for lunch. It feels more casual, and you might encounter less candles that way, too!

4. Solo Traveller

This one is a big step, but it's now one of my favourite things to do. Have a staycation or go all out and book yourself a flight. Go somewhere you’ve been dreaming of and tackle your bucket list. Relax, explore, and do whatever YOU want to do. Sometimes my sister does solo stays in an Airbnb yurt with llamas on the property! There truly is somewhere for everyone. 

5. Embrace Your Inner Tourist

Go to a museum, go to a famous landmark, or go and see a play. You get to choose what interests you and you don’t have to wait around for anyone to agree to join you. Go somewhere for an hour or make a whole day of it! The nice thing about self dates is that you get to make all the choices. 

6. Netflix and Chill, Baby 

How could I leave out this old chestnut? Just like a standard date, dating yourself doesn’t mean you have to go all out. I love opening a bottle of wine, ordering my favourite food, and watching Pride and Prejudice for the 10th time. Life isn’t boring when you allow yourself to truly relax and enjoy your own company. Dating apps can wait - we’ve got Mr. Darcy on screen!

Whatever you choose to do, just remember to make yourself a priority. Anyone would be lucky to spend quality time with you, and that includes yourself. 

If you’re looking for more fun ideas, don’t forget to check out the Self Care Bucket List. I know you’ll find something that piques your interest!

I hope you take yourself on a date this week, with or without the llamas.

Sarah Welsh

I’m a Canadian freelance writer, with my main focus being content writing and creative writing. Though currently based in the U.K., I’m a big lover of writing from beachy locales and backpacking whenever I can. I’ve always got to have music on, and dancing while I write is what I’m all about. If you’re a fan of the little things in life and infusing humour wherever you can, we’ll get along just fine.


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