The Best Mother’s Day Gifts You Don’t Have to Buy

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts You Don’t Have to Buy


It’s that time of year when we all get to celebrate that special woman in our lives. Some people celebrate mom or grandma, and even sisters. Gift giving can be a challenge, even for those we are close to. You can only buy so many “World’s Greatest Mom” mugs, and sometimes money is tight. Or maybe you’re like me and have a mom that says “I don’t need anything”, like that isn’t a trap. 

Here at flowjo, we know every mom needs something—time, space, self-care…a big glass of wine. We also know that sometimes the best gifts aren't gifts at all. They are experiences. So, whether you pick up our Self Care Bucket List to share with the women in your life, or want to get mom something extra special that can’t be found in a store, we have some great Mother’s Day ideas that you don’t have to buy!

Give mom your attention.

When we all hit adulthood, we suddenly realize mom was right about everything. Only now, between work and family and life happening all around us, we don’t have the time to really check in and see how she’s doing. This Mother’s Day, really take the time to get involved in her life. 

Maybe she loves movies, a night binge-watching her favourite flicks could be the best night of her life. If she enjoys knitting, have her teach you a pattern or two. Whatever it is, showing interest in her and her life will make mom feel seen, and not just the person you call when you need life advice. Make the day about her and what she wants to do. She is sure to love it.

Give mom some freedom.

Moms. Are. Busy. From the minute they wake up until the second they close their eyes at night—and sometimes longer—mom is always on the go, and her brain never stops. Clearly, she needs a spa day, but that isn’t always in the budget, and maybe it’s just not her thing. Luckily, there are other ways to give mom a break that don’t require spending a fortune or a big white robe. 

Giving mom a break is as simple as taking on the daily chores. Let her sleep in. If you’re her partner, get the kids ready for the day. Make the meals. Don’t ask her what to do or how to do it. Let her brain shut off for the day knowing that you have life handled. At the end of the night, pour her a drink, run her a nice hot bath, and YOU put the kids to bed. Don’t take no for an answer!

Most importantly, give mom your time.

More than anything, moms just want to celebrate the family they created. If you’re grown and spoiling your mom on Mother’s Day, make sure all the kids and grandkids stop by to see her. If it’s your partner or sister, or even a friend with children, make sure that they get some quality time with the kids that they don’t have to organize themselves.

Cook a nice meal, or order in take out. Head out to a nice Mother’s Day brunch. Plan a nice family hike, or a bonfire in the backyard. A lot of the time, when you ask a mom, the only things they really want are time together, and time they don't have to be responsible for. Whatever this looks like in your family, now is the time to make it happen.

This Mother’s Day, make quality time, attention and relaxation the goal. Mom doesn’t need another knickknack, though handmade cards from the kids always go a long way.

What is your favourite Mother’s Day tradition? Let us know below!

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