We all Hit Dry Spells: 3 Ways to be Intimate without Sex

We all Hit Dry Spells: 3 Ways to be Intimate without Sex

When your sexy time hits a slump, don’t forget the other reasons you love your person. Intimacy has different meanings depending on where you are in your relationship and who you talk to.

Intimacy has many forms..

A couple newly dating: They most likely can’t keep their paws off each other, are in a state of intense lust, and are often intimate on a physical level.

Do I envy that? Not with the relationship I have and where I am at in my life.

A married couple with kids: They might be able to get in a cuddle sesh here and there, a quick massage or the real deal, depending on their schedule and if their kid doesn’t demand to sleep in their bed until they’re in middle school…

A long-time married couple: It certainly isn't true for everyone, but the majority of couples that have been married for a long period of time do lose that spark. Physically intimacy might not be a high priority for either of you.

These are just a few examples, and there can be so many different couples, timeframes, milestones, etc. I fall under the category of engaged, have one child, and one on the way. So I am in somewhat of a slump. The hormones, fatigue and lack of sex drive are not the best combinations. But I look forward to my partner coming home from work, not only because it’s the most adult interaction I’ve had that day, but I genuinely miss him and the time we spend together, even if it's just sitting on the couch discussing an intense plot in the show we are currently bingeing, I cherish that time and it never gets dull.

 I am confident years down the road my partner and I can share a laugh with the same great sense of humour and enjoy our golden years together, hopefully travelling the world in our Winnebago. Don’t put too much pressure on your sex life and focus on your life.

There are so many alternatives to feeling a closer connection to your partner, other than physical intimacy. Emotional intimacy can be something you and your partner are lucky to share.

3 ways to feel close to your partner (without sex)

  1. Take time to have emotional conversations: The mundane conversation starter, how was your day? It’s getting a bit tiring, don’t you think? It takes a strong connection to be able to dig deep and have those heartfelt, emotional, maybe not necessarily easy conversations. When you feel like you can tell your partner anything, you start to create a bond that is unbreakable.
  2. Touch your partner more: Physical touch can mean so much to you and the one you love. Touching your partner on the arm while they are talking, cuddling on the couch and giving each other a lingering hug when you see each other can be an effective way to strengthen your connection. Touch is one of the first connections we make as newborn babies, that’s how strong it is to us.
  3. The Couples Bucket List: This is such a creative way to open up to your partner and try something different on a dull  Saturday night. The Couples Bucket list is a box filled with 100 date night ideas for couples that will help you to bring love, laughter, and connection into your relationship. The cards are broken down into themes that are perfect for every kind of mood!

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