Our Story

Tiffany DaSilva, Founder of Flowjo

I believe most of us are all doing the best we can with what we have. I think even in this often chaotic world, we still strive to be great people. We want to be kind. We open doors for people, we strike up conversations with strangers in the elevator, we may even learn the names of the people at our grocery story or local coffee shop. But we’re busy and we slip up sometimes. We may grab our coffee without catching the eye of the person giving it to us, we put our headphones in our ears so we don’t have to interact with people on the bus, and then we feel guilty for wanting a little personal space. The messages that we receive from social media is that we need to be positive all day everyday, we need to be happy always, and if we’re not kind always then we're just big forking jerks, period.

The ultimate message we are receiving - is that the best we can be is not good enough.

That's where the Flowjo story starts. It started with me, Tiffany, waking up one day feeling so overwhelmed by this message. I wanted to be kind to everyone, but at the risk of my own mental health. I wanted to live a better life, but I couldn’t tell if it was for me or my instagram feed. I wanted to be a better human, but with all the organizations and causes out there - I didn’t know which one to focus on.  I felt like the world was moving too fast, and in my effort to try to live the best future, I was losing out on the present. I was missing so many moments, so many great memories, and not enjoying what was right in front of me because I was always planning the next 5 steps ahead.

One day while visiting my best friend in Maine I grabbed a towel and hit the local beach while she worked. As I settled on the sand and reached for my book, I started to notice the people around me. These people were all just enjoying life. They were living in the moment. They were laughing, playing and having deep conversations about things. They rarely had their phones out (maybe to just take a picture or two before putting it away) and were just enjoying nature, and being together. I remembered wondering if they would look back at these moments as the best in their life. I also wondered if there was a way to capture that feeling, not just during vacations but every day. 

In that moment, I threw my book back in my bag and grabbed my notebook instead. I started to furiously write my own bucket list. A bucket list that didn’t consist of jumping out of planes or vacationing all over the world but of little things that anyone could do, at any budget.  I wrote the list of things I would want to do with a partner as well as ones I would love to do just for me.

I looked at this list filled with simple, little moments and thought that maybe this is what we need to help us stay present while we aim for the future. This can help us stay connected to the world around us, help spread kindness and keep our anxiety and overwhelm in check.  And maybe it’s not about changing the whole world - maybe it’s just changing things locally - little by little, one person at a time. This is how The Couple’s Bucket List and The Self Care Bucket List was born

As the boxes started to sell, I realized that I wanted to take it a step further. I still felt like I wanted to help the world globally and I think others wanted to as well. So, I decided to take $5 of every box and donate it to organizations who also aim to bring people together and spread kindness in a global way.

I hope that by buying flowjo products, you can feel that you are acting locally and globally and helping make the world a better place you way. That way, you can go back to living your best life, whatever that looks like: one card, one conversation, one moment at a time. 

Thank you for visiting,


Founder, Flowjo.co