Write for us - Freelance Comedy Writers Submissions (ongoing)

We are always looking for funny, insightful, diverse comedy writers for our blog. Is that you? Keep reading.


Our mission is to help everyday people live life on purpose. We make products that help people have more meaningful conversations, create new memories with loved ones and learn new ways to connect with others. We don’t take ourselves too seriously though.

Our brand name after all was inspired by the line, “I’ll keep my women like flo jo” from Sir Mix A Lot’s Baby’s Got Back.

We are the last people who should be guiding you on how to live your life, but we can help you with tips on how to get through the day.

So far we've created three products:

The Couples Bucket List

The Self Care Bucket List

The Dad's Bucket List: Create legendary memories with your kids

You can learn more about Flowjo on our about us page. 


Pitter Patter, is a blog made for everyday people just trying to live their best life. It’s not about trying to be something in the future, but just enjoying who you are in the present moment. The tips and advice provided are meant to help you get through your day in a more meaningful way, or just help you stop doing something terrible. We are like those friends you go to when you're nervous about your next colonoscopy, and need the real deets. 


You, my friend, are a storyteller. You believe in staying present, love to read, love to laugh and make people laugh, and love bringing your own unique background into everything you write.


We are looking for comedy writers who can write 500-800 word blog articles. Each blog will provide a piece of advice/tip/exercise, explain how to do it and what's in it for you, and provide a funny anecdote from your life.

The topics are:

- mindfulness/self care

- parenting

- relationship tip/advice/exercise

Each blog post should be funny AND useful. Think Kristen Bell meets Atomic Habits.

Some examples of the style we are looking for are: “buy yourself the f*cking lilies”(Tara Shuster), Furiously Happy (Jenny Lawson) the “you are a badass” series, and F*ck That: An Honest Meditation (Jason Headley).

Swearing is acceptable in a “the good place” kind of way (using forking, or symbols) and should be made for a PG13 audience.

Don't hesitate to apply especially if you have a different perspective: Single Parent, Foster Parents, Step parents, Black, Asian, Latinx, Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, person with disabilities etc. 


- You can write (obvs) & have been doing so for awhile (for yourself or someone else)
- You are detail oriented, so we don't have to worry about grammar and spelling issues in your writing.
- You are funny (like people other than your mom say so)
- You have a unique background or perspective you want to share with the world
- You are familiar with SEO (or willing to learn!)


1. Send an email to: writeforus@flowjo.co

2. In the body of the email provide a 500 word blog submission that includes a tip/exercise, how to do it, with a funny family experience or anecdote. (We ask that your article be in the body of the email, so we don't run into issues opening a file.)

3. Include a link in the article about one of our products that the article relates to (The Couples bucket list, The Self Care Bucket List, The Dads Bucket List)

4. Provide your name, photo and byline at the bottom of the email.

Want an example? How to Savour a moment: The 5-4-3-2-1 Method


If we like your article, we will pay you $50 before publishing it on our website. We'll send you a Flowjo box as a thank you, and we will then discuss an ongoing blog writing relationship (approx. 2-4 posts/mth)